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Conspicuous Consumption Entry

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My hair stylist Bree has been telling me for months about Giovanni Tea Tree Triple Treat Shampoo & Conditioner and I was like “sha, whatever” for just about as long. But since the product I really want to use, DevaCurl, is like $298,475.23 a bottle and this stuff is only $7 I decided to give […]

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Revelation 19:17

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I am getting ever closer to a complete sleeve. This weekend I had another session on my tattoo, this one was nice and short and is currently scabby looking, but the previous session resulted in a lovely angel on the back of my arm, in a spot I actually can’t see without a mirror. Those […]

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Living Out Loud II: Body Check

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For Genie’s latest challenge she asked her readers/fellow bloggers to write up a post about what we love about our bodies. “Oh, what a lark!” I thought. “I won’t be doing that!” I thought. But loyalty got the better of me, so here goes. I’m not one for spending a bunch of time listing my […]

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Work, music… the same old stuff.

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I have just had a very intense work day/week. I keep reminding myself that it’s not giving me the dreads, like I have had before with jobs, the kind where you wake up and want to roll over and smoke a cigarette. (Yes, that is gross; it was not a great time in my life, […]

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