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Purge Thursday: Perfumers and Baghounds Take Note

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I’ve got some stuff going out this week that might be of interest to y’all. \FREE STUFF to the people! First: A laptop bag by Simple. I thought it would fit things they way I wanted and it didn’t really. So I would be happy to gift it to someone who has been wanting a […]

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Purge Thursday: Actual Trash

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Right now my energy for organizing freecycle or going to the thrift store is nil, so I looked around the home office here and found a mess of clutter, like, can’t even access the shelves in here clutter. It’s a big job but for a start: A tote bag a friend made me in 1995 […]

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Purge Thursday: Mess o’ Cassettes

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Probably just about everyone reading this is of the right generation to have been witness to the prevalence of the cassette tape. By the time I was choosing and procuring my own music, cassettes were in their peak of production. Of course, now the nostalgia market has images of the cassette on t-shirts, pillows, purses, […]

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Purge Thursday: Revival

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Remember the optimistic, joyous, burden-removing start I had when I said I was going to get rid of one thing every Thursday? I called it Purge Thursday, and a couple of folks even took it on, and started documenting what they were getting rid of every Thursday? We were all going to live more simply […]

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Purge Thursday: Frurge? Puridge?

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(Sorry for skipping last week… nobody’s perfect!) I had one of those Aha! moments this week. The following became evident to me through various channels in a concrete way: Taking care of yourself is a way of showing that you have respect, or regard, for yourself. Duh, right? Well, for me it’s a tough one […]

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Purge Thursday: Spree!

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Please note that chewy Spree is an abomination. Anyways. I don’t have much to show you today, no fancy pictures of my junk. Yesterday I found a large, sturdy shopping bag sitting in the bedroom from Christmas shopping or something. Rather than just throwing it away, I ran around the house grabbing obvious things I […]

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Purge Thursday: I hated your book.

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This week I decided to hit the bookshelves. This is something that will undoubtedly happen again as the weeks wear on and I find myself desperate for things to get rid of. In this particular case, if you don’t know, I’ve been in a book club for 8 years now in which we read about […]

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Purge Thursday: Candles

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I have a box of candles. Some are smelly, some are not. Some are tapers, pillars, votives, etc. They’ve been collecting dust for 4 years. I promise I only lit the ones for this picture that had previously lit – there are plenty of unused. If you want them and you are local (not shippin’ […]

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Purge Thursday: Threads

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Last weekend I had to recruit an ally in the purging project. See, sometimes you let your closet accumulate things you are attached to, things that you are wearing in your head, but are not wearing in reality. At these times, you need someone to remind you WHY you’re not wearing them in reality and […]

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Purge Thursday: Last Minute

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Oh fuck I’m running out of time. OK So I’m getting rid of a pair of chinese slippers (no support!) moccasins that got me through many a renfair (also no support, also haven’t worn in 2 years), a non-working vintage lamp I bought off ebay many moons ago (probably can be fixed if you want […]

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