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Kyle Cassidy Photo Workshop Report

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“Do you mind holding this saw and standing in the shower?” My creative mind, when faced with a strange place and slightly out of my element, goes for something like a trope. That’s OK. The important thing is that I had something to light. Before this weekend? I had never lit any photo with anything […]

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Ephemeral Sun Rehearsal Shoot

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A friend of mine contacted me last week to see if I’d shoot his band Ephemeral Sun (myspace for listening purposes) during rehearsal so they could have some pictures of them actually playing their instruments. I guess being prog rock nerds they normally like to keep their identities secret, but from what I hear that […]

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Sunday Morning Self Portrait

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This is how I spend my lazy morning – trying to take a self-portrait for the Digital Photography School weekend challenge. Things I wanted to capture: my bedhead Bon Jovi hair, the bathtub for no good reason, and my camera which was the actual point of the challenge. Why yes, I’m just sitting in the […]

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Here is the recipe for turning around a bad day: 1: Have a really good guitar lesson. We spent the entire lesson on Josh Homme’s solo at the end of Little Sister, and I learned that I need to get way more aggressive about bending the strings. While I play it at a snail’s pace […]

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Me Ra Koh Workshop: Confidence Gained!

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When I signed up for a photography workshop, I thought, who am I kidding? Then I thought, it doesn’t matter who I am kidding, because I am going to have fun and even if everyone else in this thing is some kind of professional with a $5000 camera, it will be fine because sometimes a […]

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And the winner is…

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I’d give you a drum roll but my rolls are a little rusty what with never practicing them. We bought a Nikon D90! Jack is so, so supportive. Once I decided which camera I wanted there was really no ratcheting back, and this is not the bottom-tier camera. I understand the gravity of this commitment, […]

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