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Ohto Tasche Ceramic Roller Ball

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It’s been a long time since I talked about office supplies. Too long! I just haven’t been doing as much hand writing either at work or at school, and my writing surfaces have been all jammed up in remodeling at home. My most recent Jetpens purchase included a pen from Ohto, a brand I’d previously […]

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DC Pen Supershow: A Pen-Lover’s Paradise.

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Before all the sturm und drang of Rock Camp got going, I had time to attend another fun event. Well, fun if you love pens, and look forward to looking at tens of thousands of them in one place. Yes, I am talking about the DC Pen Supershow. I’d been looking forward to this for […]

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Head to Head Highlighters

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I’m about to show you just how ridiculous it can be to be me. Pen bloggers, at least, will understand… I hope… About a week ago, the Office Supply Geek posted a fabulous highlighter refilling tutorial which reminded me that I have been saving up a post about highlighters for a while now. This is […]

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Eco Paper: Staples & Leeds

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This weekend I set about getting ink all over some “Eco” paper of two different stripes. I have heard, over and over again, tales of the Staples Eco-Friendly paper. I learned about how they make the paper from the remnants from sugar cane production (“80% sugar cane waste”), the pros and cons of that. Around […]

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Doane & Rhodia Paper Review

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If I want to write with nice pens, I am going to want to write on nice paper. My main issue was fretting that cheap paper is going to accumulate microscopic paper muck in my fountain pen nibs and clog same. To that end I decided to find paper to bring to work with me, […]

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Philadelphia Pen Show

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The Philadelphia pen show was all that I could have hoped for! In addition to the pens as far as the eye could see, I found that pen show folks are very friendly and colorful and most importantly welcoming to newbies. After lunch at local watering hole Tir Na Nog (very tasty), my friends and […]

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Pelikan Pharo

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I stumbled into a great pen the other day, thanks to amazing happenstance and Jack’s quick mind for trivia. Sometimes we attend a weekly social event (called Tea) wherein there is a trivia prize, and this week I walked in all full of pen talk and our friend David and I were merrily talking pens, […]

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