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July 4th in Pictures

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Yes, around here our 4th of July comes with tiki skulls, but that is A-OK with us. Our generous and gracious hostess and her birthdaying hubby had a pretty grand repaste prepared for everyone and I had a whole mess of fun, though I was being kind of a weirdo and largely taking photos. And […]

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The cramming.

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I’ve been alternating between studying and being a total lump all day. 1 hour studying, 1 hour being a total lump. See how the unstructured time is doing me no favors? In part it’s that I’m not feeling very organized; I need a sequential approach. I have 2 large units of information to review some […]

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Halloween Triumph!

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…with very little effort. I feel a little guilty about winning a prize with a costume that took mostly shopping legwork, enthusiastic friends, and my native taste in glasses. Another impression: I had not clued in to how hot people think Velma is/was. I should have worked harder on my Velma voice, also. I will […]

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Kiwis, Feet, and Learnin’

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It’s been an eventful few weeks, even if the events aren’t as big as rock camp or a trip to progday. But “everyday” concerns have been moving forward too. This reminds me, I need to write an about page explaining why I called this blog Prosaic Paradise. Class started! In fact we’ve already dissected a […]

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