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Revisiting My Hospital Stay

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…from a future Nursing student perspective. I keep thinking about what one tech said to me as she was poking around for a vein to take blood. I had asked her, like I asked every single human in scrubs who entered my room because I was trapped in bed and shameless, where she went to […]

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Anti-Climactic much?

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I got a letter from the Office of Admissions and Advising at Howard Community College! I think the thin letter/thick letter thing kind of doesn’t count when you are applying to Nursing shool at community college, but I can’t tell you for sure, because I only got a thin letter. It goes something like this: […]

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A&P II, Interrupted

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We still don’t have a permanent professor. It’s been 3 class sessions with either no teacher or a sub, and 3 class sessions with no lecture to speak of; maybe I’d call it 4 since one of the subs was a little lost. This is pretty tough for me, feeling a little rudderless in a […]

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