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Media Consumption in High Gear

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Between the snow, and the health issues, and just winter doldrums from hades, I have been doing a whole lot of consuming of media of late. I’ve been digging down into the Netflix sad, somewhat limited instant queue, I’ve been eschewing music for podcasts and audiobooks on my long commutes, and I’ve been ignoring the […]

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Report from Ice Station Kilo

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I couldn’t remember the NATO phonetic alphabet for ‘K’ and had to look it up. Sad. For the past several hours, in fact most of the day, I have kept myself sequestered in the upstairs office, with the curtains closed, distracting myself from what’s going down out there. I had a bit of a moment […]

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Girls Rock DC! Volunteers!

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Heya! This one’s for the locals. I keep meaning to remind folks to check out Girls Rock DC and get the volunteer app and fill it out! Even if you couldn’t volunteer for the whole week, there are part time jobs, pre-camp things to do, and totally non-musical things that need to get done to […]

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Top Ten Underrated Movies I Love

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I tend to be a little militant about going off the beaten path and liking movies that no one else likes. (The Ice Storm, About Schmidt) I also tend to be turned off of movies that everyone else likes, which is really reactionary and dumb. But as faults go, that’s pretty small right? Well for […]

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Like almost everyone else I know, I lined up this weekend and saw the Big Geek Movie Of The Year. I didn’t have the investment that my cohorts did, although I did read it the first time back when it hadn’t been out too long. I was just 13 and totally didn’t get it. So […]

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What was the last movie I saw in a theater?

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I think it was that Batman movie. People keep talking about movies they’ve seen lately and I just… haven’t seen movies. I wanted to catch Milk before it left theaters but now I’ll probably have to wait. Then Genie reminded me accidentally why sometimes I just can’t get excited about the movies. Years and years […]

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Strings, Dice, & May-guses

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Last weekend exceeded expectations; on Friday I met up with my potenetial (actual?) new bandmates from rock camp. I picked three up at the metro; for future reference, 3 folks + guitar + cello + driver is totally doable in the hatchback. The fourth joined us directly and we all played musical instruments… wait… I […]

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