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Soundtrack Just for Now…

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This post is for Genie’s 9th Living Out Loud project: See the guidelines here. I’ve always been wary or perhaps even phobic of the concept of bio-mechanics. You know, implants, anything foreign going under the skin. When all my friends were getting all into William Gibson and playing Shadowrun and talking about getting “ports” tattooed […]

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Mix Me: Songs About Ghosts

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I’ve been through a few mix discovery exercises, and today I thought of another one for you. I was listening to the Sadies’ Anna Leigh when I realized I would enjoy a mix of ghostly songs. I’ve got Split Enz’ more obvious Ghost Girl and one of my favorite Genesis songs, Home by the Sea […]

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Fall Playlist

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(Single audio disc version) I know some of these are a tad obvious, but they were the right song! I can’t help it. The Watch – Hills Heavens to Betsy – Firefly The Strawbs – The Flower and the Young Man Arlo Guthrie – Chilling of the Evening Neil Young – Like a Hurricane King […]

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