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Well, why not?

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I spend a lot of time daydreaming. When I’m in my best frame of mind, I can do this for hours, and it keeps meĀ  awake long after I needed to go to sleep. (Of course when I’m in my worst, I’m up worrying.) I can daydream about the best outcomes for a conversation I’m […]

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Two Gifts That Kind of Broke Me

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This is yet another last-minute entry for Genie’s Living Out Loud project.This month’s assignment is about gifts. I used to be a gift-giving machine. A true gift romantic, believing I could always delight the recipient and deriving the utmost pleasure in seeing their smile. I used to get behind an idea and just push it […]

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What I Wanted to Be

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This is an entry for Genie’s Living Out Loud project. You may remember Genie from me posting about her giving birth earlier this month. She is the happy mama of a baby boy now and I can’t wait to meet him. Given that I’m currently reading a book about how your own self-justification can screw […]

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Treasured Objects with a Purpose

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This post is for Genie’s Living Out Loud Challenge #8. Assignment: Write about something, some object, that you treasure. There have been many objects that have captured my adoration and been the focus of my superstition. I’ve had lucky exam shirts and special poker chips and favorite keychains. I’ve had pet rocks and post-it notes […]

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No Full Name, Please

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Genie’s latest Living Out Loud project challenges us to talk about our name, or names. Mine is pretty boring, and I like it: Kim. I never harbored fantasies of being a Serena or a Fiona or a Zelda. I like the letter K like it’s the best letter in the alphabet and I have weird […]

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