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The Office Is Done

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Six weeks ago I replaced the carpet, transforming our former guest bedroom into a blank slate for my new home office, with the goal of having a peaceful place for me to study first, stretch out/work out and sew things second. Sorry guests, this means we are slightly less hospitable than we once were. (Though […]

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Purge Thursday: Revival

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Remember the optimistic, joyous, burden-removing start I had when I said I was going to get rid of one thing every Thursday? I called it Purge Thursday, and a couple of folks even took it on, and started documenting what they were getting rid of every Thursday? We were all going to live more simply […]

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Living Out Loud Project: Home

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I need to thank Genie for helping me with my current blog constipation, because I simply can’t deny her when she posts her Living Out Loud projects. (Well, when the assignment was a video, I could, apparently! Sorry about that. Someday I may get to that.) This month we have the topic of home. I […]

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Clutter Catasrophe: My Office

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If there is anyone who needs to restart her Purge Thursday habits, it is me. I have been psychologically blocked lately in part due to this obsession with taking before pictures. But this weekend there was sun! So I took this picture of my office: It is stitched together with the Canon Photostitch software and […]

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“Is there a tent in your living room?”

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I was out sick today from work. Thus I was able to take full advantage of the fact that my Sunbuster Shelter arrived from LLBean. It protects from UV rays, and I know that won’t help me in the living room and all, but I really wanted to practice setting it up. Immediately. So now […]

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In Here and Out There: Security vs. Isolation

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This evening I was thinking about how when it’s all quiet in the house, and particularly this happens when I am studying, I freak out at little noises. I can identify all kinds of noises around our abode; mostly they are outside. We’re extremely blessed (for some agnostic value of blessing) to be able to […]

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