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Hair Desires

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I like a lot of things about people. I’m really big into hands. Artist and musician hands, hands with knobbly knuckles, hands that gesture a lot. I also like crooked teeth. Life’s little imperfections just get me sometimes with their beauty. One thing I really like is when someone has their hair clipper-cut on the […]

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Conspicuous Consumption Entry

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My hair stylist Bree has been telling me for months about Giovanni Tea Tree Triple Treat Shampoo & Conditioner and I was like “sha, whatever” for just about as long. But since the product I really want to use, DevaCurl, is like $298,475.23 a bottle and this stuff is only $7 I decided to give […]

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Hairs cut!

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It’s rare that you ask someone to cut your hair and they do exactly what you want stylishly and accurately, in a way you can maintain. Very, very rare. But I waited long enough and my patience was rewarded. This was my hair before. This is what I asked for – a kind of a […]

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