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Quiet Christmas Photolog

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After the harrowing drive, Beachmas itself was quiet and lovely. We ate many things and read books, tried to do a puzzle that was so hard that we all gave up, explored bits of the Outer Banks we hadn’t previously, that kind of thing. Jack introduced my mother to Arrested Development and I had no […]

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Gaming Break: Torchlight

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I was browsing the Diablo III blogs, like you do, and I saw the headline “Torchlight: A Diablo Clone?” and I thought, now here we go again – another Sacred. (That game kind of blew. I mean it was fun, but buggy as hell.) For the record, I don’t think I have ever loved a […]

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Strings, Dice, & May-guses

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Last weekend exceeded expectations; on Friday I met up with my potenetial (actual?) new bandmates from rock camp. I picked three up at the metro; for future reference, 3 folks + guitar + cello + driver is totally doable in the hatchback. The fourth joined us directly and we all played musical instruments… wait… I […]

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