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Quiet Christmas Photolog

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After the harrowing drive, Beachmas itself was quiet and lovely. We ate many things and read books, tried to do a puzzle that was so hard that we all gave up, explored bits of the Outer Banks we hadn’t previously, that kind of thing. Jack introduced my mother to Arrested Development and I had no […]

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Beyond Thunderdome

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I had big plans for this past weekend. We’d have Christmas, I’d get a new tattoo, I’d see my friend Becki who hasn’t been on this coast in a decade. Then I’d settle in and enjoy my homey home. Big plans. But when I woke up on Friday viral menaces had decided a whole different […]

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Social Butterfly Emergent

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Over the past week or so, as I look at it, I’ve been crazy social! Some by plan and some by happenstance, I have been spending time with close friends and it’s been truly wonderful to have the time and to feel that comfort. I got to attend Jen’s tree trimming & annual hamdango as […]

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It’s the most mumblemumble time of the year!

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The look on my face from 30 years ago is about the same look I have today where it regards The Holiday Season. Just one example: I don’t know what to get people! Some people say they don’t want to get things. I really just want to show people that I love them, and getting […]

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