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The Cat’s New Nickname

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Is Chicken Leg. I don’t know why, his little kitty IV shaven area makes me think Chicken Leg. He doesn’t like it when I pet his shorn area but it’s all I want to do before it grows back! He only had three teeth removed. I think Hero’s kind of jealous. I have been immersed […]

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I wanna be sedated, but the cat doesn’t.

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Look at all the personality in that face. So much expression! And all of it focused in his prime attitude, “screw off, jerks”. Nicolas is a sweetheart, really… I was going to spend time this week writing all about my amazing weekend in the Me Ra Koh photography workshop, or even telling you about the […]

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Kim vs. Gym: Rematch, Malfunctioning Cat Weiners

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Last week I signed up with a gym again for the first time in a decade. Last time went really poorly and they got lots of my money and I never went. This time I have a buddy and a better grasp of time management and money management and far less invested in what other […]

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Wanted: Kitty Dentures

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Hero (short for Hieronymus) came to us 5 years ago as a 6 year old shelter kitty. He’d been in a foster home for two years (how could anyone foster this cat and not want to keep him?) and prior to that, adopted and rejected. What rough streets he traveled in his youth we will […]

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Long Live Right Fang

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So I was pilling the cat with Jack tonight (Baytril, for his respiratory infection) and it was all stressful, like it usually is. After we got the pill down, which he spit out three times, he wandered over to the food bowl, pulled at his face, freaked out, and dropped a tooth, root and all, […]

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