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Book Club Time Again

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I’m so lucky. Blessed. Whatever word you want to use for it. I like the word blessed, because it takes out the chance part, but then it puts in the god part and I don’t much buy into that. I’ll try to think of something better. Anyways. Even though lately I don’t really show it, […]

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Other Duties As Assigned…

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I finished a book for the first time in like, a year (since I started Anatomy & Physiology II literally 1 year ago). I know, stop the presses. I’d been hearing about Preston & Child with increasing frequency, and I needed something that was not too intense (though not as awful fluffy as TV-show-based mass […]

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Hairs cut!

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It’s rare that you ask someone to cut your hair and they do exactly what you want stylishly and accurately, in a way you can maintain. Very, very rare. But I waited long enough and my patience was rewarded. This was my hair before. This is what I asked for – a kind of a […]

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Purge Thursday: I hated your book.

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This week I decided to hit the bookshelves. This is something that will undoubtedly happen again as the weeks wear on and I find myself desperate for things to get rid of. In this particular case, if you don’t know, I’ve been in a book club for 8 years now in which we read about […]

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Kiwis, Feet, and Learnin’

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It’s been an eventful few weeks, even if the events aren’t as big as rock camp or a trip to progday. But “everyday” concerns have been moving forward too. This reminds me, I need to write an about page explaining why I called this blog Prosaic Paradise. Class started! In fact we’ve already dissected a […]

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