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Filed under movies,Music by at 3:23 pm on Apr 27 2009

girlsrockdcHeya! This one’s for the locals. I keep meaning to remind folks to check out Girls Rock DC and get the volunteer app and fill it out! Even if you couldn’t volunteer for the whole week, there are part time jobs, pre-camp things to do, and totally non-musical things that need to get done to run this show! Even if you don’t know your status right now, if you fill out the app then you will be able to volunteer if your time frees up!

In other kid-empowering news, this weekend I watched Mad Hot Ballroom which in my current state made me blubber into a tissue for the entire second half. It did kind of bring back horrible memories of competing in things as a child, something I never much liked because I was horribly competitive, and it also brought back nightmarish thoughts of cotillion, what with the horrific touching of sweaty boys I didn’t want to touch, even just on the hands.

But despite that stuff (and the obvious gender reinforcement stuff that accompanies something as rigid as ballroom dancing) it was pretty heartwarming.

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