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Purge Thursday: Threads

Filed under Purge Thursday by at 10:57 am on Feb 12 2009

Last weekend I had to recruit an ally in the purging project. See, sometimes you let your closet accumulate things you are attached to, things that you are wearing in your head, but are not wearing in reality. At these times, you need someone to remind you WHY you’re not wearing them in reality and what you should do about it – that isn’t clinging to them desperately. Periodically Telf and I have performed this task for each other over the years, so I called upon her (in exchange for sushi) once more.

The pile includes unflattering fleeces, too small dress pants, thrift store finds that were bad in the first place, t-shirts I ordered off ebay for concerts I never even attended, excess hoodies, and much, much more. To be honest after the dust settled and I saw the pile I was in shock at how much had been culled.

I could never have done that without someone sitting there encouraging ruthlessness. And truly there is little chance I will miss any of it. Previously I didn’t technically need a cross bar in the closet – the pressure of clothes would have held them up. Now I can put things in without the verb “cram”.

2 Responses to “Purge Thursday: Threads”

  1. 1 Angela @ Lost In Splendoron 17 Feb 2009 at 12:54 pm

    I did this last summer, but forgot the all important aspect of getting NEW items to replace all the discarded items. Thus my closet is now severely lacking. Blah. Hopefully I’ll be able to mend that this summer.

    I hope yours works out for you much better than mine did and yes someone else there is totally essential!


    Kim Reply:

    I am hoping I can actually resist replacing everything! I can finally fit stuff in my closet again. Although it is true that I got rid of mostly summer stuff… :)


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