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Armchair Gym Sociology

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Today was a special day in my gym. The SportFit Laurel is already pretty “for the people” in the sense that every time I am in there it’s like an episode of a mid-90s kids show trying to prove it’s diverse enough. Old folks! Young folks! Kids! Multiple languages, all different abilities, and everyone is […]

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A Little Light Reading/Listening

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Here they are, all 40lbs of books for my summer semester. It’s a little intimidating, a little exhilarating. I really want to unpackage them and look at them, but at the same time, most of them are unreturnable if opened, and I want the prof to confirm I got the right books. You DO NOT […]

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Gratefulness & The End of A Career & Pens

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I didn’t write much here in the last days of my employment as an IT person, but my old career had a pretty nice denouement, with much hoopla and lunches and things. My boss and grandboss were gracious about the whole thing; they were sincerely happy that I was following my heart. (OK so that […]

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Cuckoo Cocoon

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I really thought that when my time of employment ended, I would be a blogging maniac. I thought I would be endlessly analyzing in writing what I am going through right now. I thought I would, and could not wait to, lead my friends in a public dialogue about my shit because I felt like […]

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