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Kyle Cassidy Photo Workshop Report

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“Do you mind holding this saw and standing in the shower?” My creative mind, when faced with a strange place and slightly out of my element, goes for something like a trope. That’s OK. The important thing is that I had something to light. Before this weekend? I had never lit any photo with anything […]

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Esprit de Corps

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Writing this entry is forcing me even further down a path I started last month, which is framing my recent fight for space in my house as a fight between my teenage self and my today self, the new self that is about to go through a lot of change. Despite what I am about […]

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Hair Desires

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I like a lot of things about people. I’m really big into hands. Artist and musician hands, hands with knobbly knuckles, hands that gesture a lot. I also like crooked teeth. Life’s little imperfections just get me sometimes with their beauty. One thing I really like is when someone has their hair clipper-cut on the […]

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