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Dog Walker

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Yesterday I came home as the kid from next door was walking her dog. Her new dog, not her old dog, but that is another story I don’t even have all the details of and kind of don’t want to know. I look down at this puppy, and this puppy looks totally happy, is sniffing […]

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Get Up And Back, I’m Right On Track

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Thank you, Breakfast Club – not the movie. The 80s band. Does anyone else remember that song or is it just me? I was telling my friends Christie and Megan at lunch today that it’s been a while since I got that queue-full feeling in my head. Like if I have one more detail to […]

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Remotely Warm Will Suffice

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You know I am desperate for friendly weather when I: go out on my front porch with a chair stay out there for an hour in 45 degree weather with the neighbor kids constantly getting almost run over or sworn at See, my front porch is pretty much arm’s length from the actual road. If […]

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Ohto Tasche Ceramic Roller Ball

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It’s been a long time since I talked about office supplies. Too long! I just haven’t been doing as much hand writing either at work or at school, and my writing surfaces have been all jammed up in remodeling at home. My most recent Jetpens purchase included a pen from Ohto, a brand I’d previously […]

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