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Waiting for the Post

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I am in a small way writing this just because I love this picture I took this weekend. But also because I am waiting for two packages I am super excited about. One pair of glasses from Warby Parker (Telf keeps her eye on the trends, and for that I am grateful!) and one Moleskine […]

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Media Consumption in High Gear

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Between the snow, and the health issues, and just winter doldrums from hades, I have been doing a whole lot of consuming of media of late. I’ve been digging down into the Netflix sad, somewhat limited instant queue, I’ve been eschewing music for podcasts and audiobooks on my long commutes, and I’ve been ignoring the […]

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BlogHer Comment Turned Post: Microfame & Jealousy

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(I posted this comment over here at BlogHer in response to a post about being jealous of Big Famous Bloggers and it got long so I figured I might as well just store it here for posterity, also, probably most of you don’t read the BlogHer site.) I had a bit of a reckoning when […]

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Report from Ice Station Kilo

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I couldn’t remember the NATO phonetic alphabet for ‘K’ and had to look it up. Sad. For the past several hours, in fact most of the day, I have kept myself sequestered in the upstairs office, with the curtains closed, distracting myself from what’s going down out there. I had a bit of a moment […]

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“But the bush is comfortable!”

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This entry is for Genie’s Living Out Loud #13, Drinkin’ Buddies. That title is one of the many quotes from my days of drinking that is trotted out when it’s time for everyone to tell their drunk stories. I don’t remember exactly when I switched from being interested in creating drunk stories to just telling […]

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Winter Life

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Well, if I thought I was an affront to fashion before, I am certainly topping it today, with some workout capris, cabled legwarmers, Birk sandals with socks, and a Howard Community College hoodie. But I reckon I can be forgiven, for we are in the grip of the Historic Weather Event. I am mostly enjoying […]

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