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Affront to Fashion

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Yesterday I got sidetracked in one of those internet vortexes when someone linked to a bunch of outfit-a-day blogs. A lot of these fashion bloggers are shaped like me. This is awesome. It’s refreshing to see what clothes look like on people who look like me, because if I am shopping for clothes online, the […]

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Ephemeral Sun Rehearsal Shoot

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A friend of mine contacted me last week to see if I’d shoot his band Ephemeral Sun (myspace for listening purposes) during rehearsal so they could have some pictures of them actually playing their instruments. I guess being prog rock nerds they normally like to keep their identities secret, but from what I hear that […]

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Guitar Shopping

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This is my guitar. I bought it 8 years ago at Chuck Levin’s with a plan to get Alex to teach me to play. He learned quickly that I was a terrible student at things that require the kind of patience instruments do; so the guitar has lain dormant for the most part until late […]

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Accidental Cute Prevents Fire

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I was getting out the matches to light candles for a nice ambiance (and maybe to make sure the house smells nice for guests) and very nearly burned this little guy in the face!! How cruel would that be? 

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Jeni’s Ice Cream

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Thanks to this post from my friend of excellent tastes Fred and holiday generosity from his crafty accomplice Rob, I ended up with fancy ice cream shipped from Ohio in time for Christmas. The image of eating ice cream out of the pint from a comfortable position on the couch is a classic one; we […]

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Purge Thursday: Perfumers and Baghounds Take Note

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I’ve got some stuff going out this week that might be of interest to y’all. \FREE STUFF to the people! First: A laptop bag by Simple. I thought it would fit things they way I wanted and it didn’t really. So I would be happy to gift it to someone who has been wanting a […]

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This cold snap is all my fault.

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I confess, I know why it’s been so cold. The below-average temperatures are due to hell freezing over. Last week I went to the store, purchased the materials, came home, and prepared a meal. In our kitchen. That we then ate. If you know me and my indifference or perhaps loathing of cooking, you know […]

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Birkenstock Mania

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Much of the time, I can be pretty cynical about marketing ploys. But recently someone tweeted about the @BirkenstockUSA 365 blog project, sourced entirely out of owners’ and fans’ pictures from flickr. And wouldn’t you know I went back for some reason and looked at practically the whole archive and in the process fell into […]

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