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Quiet Christmas Photolog

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After the harrowing drive, Beachmas itself was quiet and lovely. We ate many things and read books, tried to do a puzzle that was so hard that we all gave up, explored bits of the Outer Banks we hadn’t previously, that kind of thing. Jack introduced my mother to Arrested Development and I had no […]

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Back from Near Death and Vacation

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What? Oh, hi. Yes. Writing. We had a lovely trip down south. Once we actually got there. Somehow, I was taken by surprise at the swiftness and ferocity of the east coast blizzard. I thought we were going to beat it out of town, or at least get far enough east that all we would […]

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Out of Hibernation into the Middle of Winter

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So walking the walk seems to have worked; getting back to work, getting out and seeing people, it all seems to have upped the motivation factor significantly. There’s still some lost lamb business going on in my consciousness but I don’t feel like I can blame it all on fear and depression right now. I […]

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Upcoming Metal Shows

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It would appear that 2010 is not going to just stop having concerts I want to attend despite the fact that I want to start living frugally. It starts with the Jaxx calendar. You know I hate going alone so if you want to give the gift of musical friendship, offer to join me for […]

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Sunday Morning Self Portrait

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This is how I spend my lazy morning – trying to take a self-portrait for the Digital Photography School weekend challenge. Things I wanted to capture: my bedhead Bon Jovi hair, the bathtub for no good reason, and my camera which was the actual point of the challenge. Why yes, I’m just sitting in the […]

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Revisiting My Hospital Stay

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…from a future Nursing student perspective. I keep thinking about what one tech said to me as she was poking around for a vein to take blood. I had asked her, like I asked every single human in scrubs who entered my room because I was trapped in bed and shameless, where she went to […]

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Going to the Gun Show

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Over the Thanksgiving weekend, Jack & I accompanied my dad to the gun show at Hampton coliseum. It’s been years and years since I went to a gun show with my dad – possibly since I was in college, so despite the past decade of being mostly anti-gun in mindset, this was like a terrific […]

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Best Song Winner Announcement! Finally!

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First of all, THANK YOU everyone who participated in my Best Songs I’ve Never Heard contest. Almost everyone had songs I had never heard, and I have a hard time breaking out of my little box so it’s really good to get some listening time to new things. I was so psyched to line up […]

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Two Gifts That Kind of Broke Me

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This is yet another last-minute entry for Genie’s Living Out Loud project.This month’s assignment is about gifts. I used to be a gift-giving machine. A true gift romantic, believing I could always delight the recipient and deriving the utmost pleasure in seeing their smile. I used to get behind an idea and just push it […]

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Happy Thanksgiving! Mostly.

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I was pleased to make it home to visit my parents for Thanksgiving. While I fussed and fretted about the drive itself, it was not too painful and it was a relief to sleep in the new titanic bed they bought so that finally Jack and I can sleep in the same bed when we […]

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