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Soundtrack Just for Now…

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This post is for Genie’s 9th Living Out Loud project: See the guidelines here. I’ve always been wary or perhaps even phobic of the concept of bio-mechanics. You know, implants, anything foreign going under the skin. When all my friends were getting all into William Gibson and playing Shadowrun and talking about getting “ports” tattooed […]

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Me Ra Koh Workshop: Confidence Gained!

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When I signed up for a photography workshop, I thought, who am I kidding? Then I thought, it doesn’t matter who I am kidding, because I am going to have fun and even if everyone else in this thing is some kind of professional with a $5000 camera, it will be fine because sometimes a […]

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I wanna be sedated, but the cat doesn’t.

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Look at all the personality in that face. So much expression! And all of it focused in his prime attitude, “screw off, jerks”. Nicolas is a sweetheart, really… I was going to spend time this week writing all about my amazing weekend in the Me Ra Koh photography workshop, or even telling you about the […]

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Bags, Drugs, & Guitars

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Why do I continue to get myself involved in more things, when all the time I fantasize about having nothing to do? This contradiction in myself is pulling me in two directions pretty much all the time. Product placement: I heretofore endorse the the Timbuk2 Cargo Tote as really nice even if not necessarily the […]

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ProgDay 2009: Like Coming Home

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After four years attending, the complete ecstasy of sitting in a big ol’ field on a farm while the most amazing, hardworking musicians play for me has not dulled, not a bit. I think, now that I know some folks and get to hang out, it as even grown. (Last year’s review.) This year I […]

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The Ants and the Cicada & My Squirrel Bite Story

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This was a comment to my friend David, but I thought I’d share it with anyone who reads this. (As always, thank you for reading.) Over the past week and a half, I had to watch the slow dissolution of a cicada that apparently didn’t make it off the sidewalk. Sorry to tell you this […]

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Treasured Objects with a Purpose

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This post is for Genie’s Living Out Loud Challenge #8. Assignment: Write about something, some object, that you treasure. There have been many objects that have captured my adoration and been the focus of my superstition. I’ve had lucky exam shirts and special poker chips and favorite keychains. I’ve had pet rocks and post-it notes […]

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