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Via MamaPop: Appointment TV Survey

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I was cast back to two very vivid childhood memories very suddenly today while thinking, sadly, about TV. But, there it is, a part of my own history and my family history, a significant amount of TV watching. On MamaPop we have the question: What’s appointment TV for you? What do you watch in real […]

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Heathenfest at Jaxx in November!

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Just announced over at, folk metal fans have a kick ass show coming to tide us over between Paganfests! Who knows – maybe this one will top Paganfest. So practice your own renditions of Wenches & Mead, because Alestorm is coming. Actually, while I enjoy the over-the-top pirate metal scene as much as the […]

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Other Duties As Assigned…

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I finished a book for the first time in like, a year (since I started Anatomy & Physiology II literally 1 year ago). I know, stop the presses. I’d been hearing about Preston & Child with increasing frequency, and I needed something that was not too intense (though not as awful fluffy as TV-show-based mass […]

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I’ma Take Guitar

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Tonight not long after I walked in the door: Me: I signed up to take guitar lessons at Laurel School of Music! Jack: (air of faux petulance) Well, I guess there’s nothing I am allowed to do without Kim being good at it too. Me: (ignoring him) Oh! Do you want me to see if […]

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DC Pen Supershow: A Pen-Lover’s Paradise.

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Before all the sturm und drang of Rock Camp got going, I had time to attend another fun event. Well, fun if you love pens, and look forward to looking at tens of thousands of them in one place. Yes, I am talking about the DC Pen Supershow. I’d been looking forward to this for […]

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Girls Rock Camp has ended, long live Girls Rock! DC

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I’m walking down the hallway with 30 lbs of bass amp hanging off my arm; a horrible awkward weightlifting exercise that makes no sense under any other circumstances. It’s the 50th time I’ve been in this position this week, maybe the 100th. Three people I respect very much have just asked me for another nonexistent […]

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Progressive Nation ’09 at Merriweather – a Review

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I tend to not like surprises. There is one context, however, in which I love them, and that is the musical context! So when I bought myself tickets for this show, I knew I was in for some. I don’t know Dream Theater. My familiarity with the works of Frank Zappa are limited to a […]

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No Full Name, Please

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Genie’s latest Living Out Loud project challenges us to talk about our name, or names. Mine is pretty boring, and I like it: Kim. I never harbored fantasies of being a Serena or a Fiona or a Zelda. I like the letter K like it’s the best letter in the alphabet and I have weird […]

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