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Strings, Dice, & May-guses

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Last weekend exceeded expectations; on Friday I met up with my potenetial (actual?) new bandmates from rock camp. I picked three up at the metro; for future reference, 3 folks + guitar + cello + driver is totally doable in the hatchback. The fourth joined us directly and we all played musical instruments… wait… I […]

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Long Live Girls Rock DC

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Crikey – almost 2 weeks ago now I had just had a good 12 hour day at the first annual Girls Rock DC summer camp. My brain was a tiny pile of mush, and I was just an incidental volunteer. I have got to hand it to the women who put the whole program together […]

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Goodbye Old Friend

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I’m in the midst of a real, true “day off”. That means I’m fiddling around with things around the house I typically neglect entirely like clearing out all the magazines from the bathroom reading depot from the past 2 years. Jack is doing something that involves every old hard drive we have in the house […]

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