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The Office Is Done

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Six weeks ago I replaced the carpet, transforming our former guest bedroom into a blank slate for my new home office, with the goal of having a peaceful place for me to study first, stretch out/work out and sew things second. Sorry guests, this means we are slightly less hospitable than we once were. (Though […]

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Dog Walker

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Yesterday I came home as the kid from next door was walking her dog. Her new dog, not her old dog, but that is another story I don’t even have all the details of and kind of don’t want to know. I look down at this puppy, and this puppy looks totally happy, is sniffing […]

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Remotely Warm Will Suffice

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You know I am desperate for friendly weather when I: go out on my front porch with a chair stay out there for an hour in 45 degree weather with the neighbor kids constantly getting almost run over or sworn at See, my front porch is pretty much arm’s length from the actual road. If […]

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Waiting for the Post

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I am in a small way writing this just because I love this picture I took this weekend. But also because I am waiting for two packages I am super excited about. One pair of glasses from Warby Parker (Telf keeps her eye on the trends, and for that I am grateful!) and one Moleskine […]

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Winter Life

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Well, if I thought I was an affront to fashion before, I am certainly topping it today, with some workout capris, cabled legwarmers, Birk sandals with socks, and a Howard Community College hoodie. But I reckon I can be forgiven, for we are in the grip of the Historic Weather Event. I am mostly enjoying […]

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Accidental Cute Prevents Fire

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I was getting out the matches to light candles for a nice ambiance (and maybe to make sure the house smells nice for guests) and very nearly burned this little guy in the face!! How cruel would that be? 

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Purge Thursday: Revival

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Remember the optimistic, joyous, burden-removing start I had when I said I was going to get rid of one thing every Thursday? I called it Purge Thursday, and a couple of folks even took it on, and started documenting what they were getting rid of every Thursday? We were all going to live more simply […]

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Very Local Politics: Visiting the Town Council

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When I walked in the door from BlogHer the first thing that greeted me was not my loving, angry, stupid cats, but a flyer from the city informing me that there would be a council meeting the next day about our very own street. So tonight I zipped on down there (in my flip flops […]

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Clutter Catasrophe: My Office

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If there is anyone who needs to restart her Purge Thursday habits, it is me. I have been psychologically blocked lately in part due to this obsession with taking before pictures. But this weekend there was sun! So I took this picture of my office: It is stitched together with the Canon Photostitch software and […]

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“Is there a tent in your living room?”

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I was out sick today from work. Thus I was able to take full advantage of the fact that my Sunbuster Shelter arrived from LLBean. It protects from UV rays, and I know that won’t help me in the living room and all, but I really wanted to practice setting it up. Immediately. So now […]

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